Creativity Commences

We must start with yet another apology for the catastrophically empty blog. Month after month without a peep from us at the ‘Baking for Idiots’ kitchen. Luckily for us this meant employment elsewhere, but the summer has arrived, as has an empty schedule, and the ‘Baking for Idiots’ kitchen is back! The Great British Bake Off starts in 3 days time!!!! So plenty of baking mishaps and masterpieces to keep us inspired on our summer baking bonanza!

The ‘Baking for Idiots’ kitchen has been swelteringly hot the entire summer (unpleasantly so) yet we decided to reignite our baking brains with something not too ambitious. The decision…? Cookies! Well, Delia’s Chocolate Orange Biscuits.

Oven on, ingredients mixed, everything going perfectly.

Unfortunately we only own one baking tray.. should get another.. and it wasnt clean, so 2 smaller roasting tins were used instead. This did not cause issue, it was more the slightly less than ideal spacing left between the biscuits that caused a cookie-cake result. Not to worry as once removed from the oven and left to cool on the greaseproof paper they were baked on, we simply followed the wiggly joining line of the cookies with a knife, and wonderful :).

So not quite bake sale presentable in shape, but tasted scrumptious and were perfect with a cup of tea. Apart from the rookie error, we can very much recommend these biscuits. nom nom nom…..

The only question left? What next? We shall see what whiff of inspiration is blown our way so we can try and de-murkify the baking waters for those like ourselves, with bags of enthusiasm yet a slight lack of magic built-in know-how.


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