What’s this all about then?

As a couple of slightly incompetent amateur cooks but full time lovers of devouring food we decided to document our culinary successes, even if they are few and far between, and also our failures.  The hope being that some others can benefit from our experiences and everyone can start eating more nombly noms!

Great! But who actually are you?

We are a couple of professional musicians based in South West London who like food but aren’t the greatest chefs in the world but what we lack in skill we more than make up for in enthusiasm.

Why not just look at all the bazillions of recipes elsewhere?

Good question!  We find that more often than not, recipes leave out small but important details and things like time from pan to plate are very, very optimistic!  So our aim is to make these mistakes for you so we can all eat better sooner.

Why nombly noms?

Because nombly noms are nomblerific!

I have a pressing desire to get in contact with you, how can I do that?!

Great, we love to hear from people.  Just fill in the form on the contact page.


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