On being busy little bees

Just a quick post to say that all is well with us however both being musicians means that sometimes life gets a bit manic and you end up running around going from gig to gig without weekends or evenings or any time at all off!  These last couple of weeks have most definitely been a bit like that for both of us but rest assured, baking (and blogging!) will most definitely recommence soon.

We also were very much disappointed that owing to a very last minute change in schedule we could no longer attend the Putney Bake Club (which was today!), any one who is a South West London Baker (SWLB) should go along!  You can check them out over at http://putneycakeclub.wordpress.com/

I will leave you with a music related video to watch, really worth watching the whole thing.  The unbelievably good Mnozil Brass who are well worth investigating, absolutely extraordinary musicianship as well as showmanship!  Enjoy!


Not a recipe, just a hello

So this is our first post.  We’ve just eaten something that was very delicious but unfortunately didn’t document the process so will have to return to it another time!

You are idiots.

Yes, culinary idiots.  That is why we are here, trying to improve.  We never got taught how to make good food so we’re having to figure it out for ourselves.

Sorry for calling you idiots…

That is alright, life is too short to be resentful. Idiot.

So when will you actually post a recipe?

Soon! Very soon. Honest. Imminently. Any day now.

That’s all for now!  Hope this blog is useful to somebody out there one day.

Much love,

FL and HN.