Unbelievably Delicious Bread Pudding

This recipe is without a shadow of a doubt one of my favourite things to bake and eat.  It is simple, straightforward, cheap, easy, delicious and best of all; you probably already have all the ingredients!  The sheer squidge-nosity of this pud will leave you jumping for joy and melting in utter bliss at its fruity delights.  Some people apparently like it hot with custard, I however like it cold and served with a cup of tea.  How you enjoy it is your call but please do give it a go!

Dog dressed as a Walrus
This is where there would normally be a photo of the finished product but unfortunately I ate it all before remembering to take a photo so instead, here’s a picture of a dog dressed as a walrus.

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Not a recipe, just a hello

So this is our first post.  We’ve just eaten something that was very delicious but unfortunately didn’t document the process so will have to return to it another time!

You are idiots.

Yes, culinary idiots.  That is why we are here, trying to improve.  We never got taught how to make good food so we’re having to figure it out for ourselves.

Sorry for calling you idiots…

That is alright, life is too short to be resentful. Idiot.

So when will you actually post a recipe?

Soon! Very soon. Honest. Imminently. Any day now.

That’s all for now!  Hope this blog is useful to somebody out there one day.

Much love,

FL and HN.