National Baking Week Bakewell Bake

Its National Baking Week, so we could hardly let it go by without trying our hands at something new, exciting and unknown. Unknown bakes may be slightly easier for us to find than most, being far more qualified in the nombling department, however, we shall guide you through our first experience with this particular classic!

Gym trips complete, and therefore all guilt erased, we started work on this wonderful bakewell tart. Of course we did the usual, and traipsed the net and our (somewhat limited) supply of cookery books, for the elusive one true recipe that would lead us to instant baking perfection. Needless to say such did not exist, as everyone seemed convinced that theirs was the ideal. So many tiny variations, for essentially the same thing! The result? We picked and mixed and added our take to the bunch with the Baking for Idiots’ Bloomin’ Brilliant Bake of a Bakewell!

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