Luscious Layered Lemon Cake complete with Mug of Tea

Lovely and Lusciously Layered Lemon Cake

Hello, if you really don’t want to hear me waxing lyrical about this Lovely and Lusciously Layered Lemon Cake then click here to go straight to the recipe!

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So that was a fairly weak subheading, apologies for that.  However I think we may have something for you to bake that will definitely make up for it!  We made today’s nombles as it was a relatives birthday and they don’t like their desserts too sweet or chocolatey, so this cake was right up their street!
Light and and airy with just enough Lemon tart-ness to add some extra zip to the taste, this cake ticked all of our boxes and we are sure it will be a firm favourite with all our readers too.

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Green Enchiladas

Enchiladas with a delightful Green twist!

Don’t want to hear me waffle? Fancy just skipping to the recipe? Click here to jump to it, alternatively, read on…


…are almost certainly the food of the gods.  Combining elements of the all time greatest things (Lasagne, Mexican food and the colour green) into one swirling melting pot of delicious-nocity.  This recipe is one we stumbled upon from the From Scratch Club blog (which is most definitely worth looking at).

Green Enchiladas
The finished product in the lime-light (green pun intended)

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Not a recipe, just a hello

So this is our first post.  We’ve just eaten something that was very delicious but unfortunately didn’t document the process so will have to return to it another time!

You are idiots.

Yes, culinary idiots.  That is why we are here, trying to improve.  We never got taught how to make good food so we’re having to figure it out for ourselves.

Sorry for calling you idiots…

That is alright, life is too short to be resentful. Idiot.

So when will you actually post a recipe?

Soon! Very soon. Honest. Imminently. Any day now.

That’s all for now!  Hope this blog is useful to somebody out there one day.

Much love,

FL and HN.